30 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. When will there be wt cards from Austria? Will order many pieces…looking forward to it

  2. WT card about Colombia please

  3. I’m waiting for Estonia

  4. I received my first order from you today of 50 world travel UK postcards very well packed and beautiful stamp
    Thank you the cards are very good !
    Thank you have a nice day

  5. Wish there will be Thailand soon ♡

  6. Are you going to have the WT cards of the Czech Republic ?

  7. When do you have WT cards of Belgium?

    1. Thank you. I have already place my order!

  8. When will you be getting World Travel South Africa

  9. when do you have the WT cards from the Netherlands I like 20, Thanks Truus van Waard

  10. 感謝你們製作出這麼漂亮的明信片

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