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Send a postcard to place we can’t go there and people who we miss…

Every time when I publish a new world travel series, I will always receive happy people respond and also angry people too.
just like today some people blame me for strange reason.
so make me feel I need to say something from my heart.

Me and my wife has get married for more than 8 years without a child.
but after we have a trip in Europe my wife was pregnant.
We all believe that happy mood during travel make us feel more relaxed and we have got blessed.
so one day I touched my wife’s belly and told to my unborn child that I will take you and your mother to
travel around the world when you come to this world.

but things didn’t turn out the way I want
2 weeks later my baby stopped have heartbeat.
I can’t take this for me.
I started to work unintentionally, alcoholism,become silence, away from people.
Although it has been better after a lot of period of treatment.
But I have unable to be happy for such long time.

One day my wife told me: We can send a postcard to the place we can’t go right?
This sentence bring me creativity, So I started to design the WT series postcard.

What I really want to say is I do what I love and I love what I do.
I am not working for anyone.
This is an appointment between me and my unborn child.

PS. Through every postcard I’v design I become better and better.
I am very happy now. I have two beautiful children now.